April 12, 2023

Phase Two: Unite the Champs

During Phase Two, our goal is to continue building on our kids’ love for sports, while also uniting crucial areas of their lives needed for them to be successful, whether that’s in their career, relationships or hobbies.


In this phase, each child will enter into ZeroZero-partnered programs that promote their mental, physical and emotional well-being; things like trauma therapy, continued athletic training, ACT preparation and after school tutoring options. 


These partnered programs are designed to help our kids work through their past experiences, while also better equipping them with the tools needed to forge through future challenges, whether those are on or off the field. 


Another aspect of this phase is continued accountability for our kids’ and their families. ZeroZero is proud to dedicate time, resources and funds to your child every year, in addition to setting aside dollars for your childs’ future. All we ask in return is commitment to our program. Commitment simply looks like taking time to attend ZeroZero programs, experiences and PAT meetings. 


Although we typically move our kids into the Unite Phase around 13 years old, there’s no set timeline. Instead, we listen to our kids to get an understanding of where they’re at and what they are ready for

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