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Mission: To leverage the diverse opportunities of sports to enrich the lives of others one child, one family, one community at a time.

Vision: To create an equitable playing field for all through the transcendent world of sports.

ZeroZero Foundation invests in three key areas the sports industry lacks:




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By the NumbersThe ZeroZero Foundation invests in three key areas the sport industry lacks:


The ZeroZero Foundation aims to impact one child, one family, one community at a time to impact generational change through our strategic platform of events, experience and education.The vision of ZeroZero takes place across three phases: Entry, Enrich & Enhancement.

Phase 01: Entry

To have an interest in working in sports, a child must first find a passion for sports. However, while the language of sports is universal, access to sports is not. Phase one of ZeroZero aims to provide access to children interested in sports through a scholarship structure for a sports camp and clinic: Rally Camp and Rally Sport. Rally Camp is a non-competitive sports camp for children to learn the lessons and values of sports while in a comfortable play environment. Rally Sport provides these children the opportunity to take their interest and experience in sports to the next level through participating in a sport-specific clinic.

Phase 02: Enrich

The ZeroZero Foundation will create enrichment opportunities through experiences that would otherwise be difficult to gain access to. Our goal is to grow a child’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth by treating them with a level of service and intentionality they have not experienced before.

The enrichment phase includes unique experiences with collegiate and professional sport organizations. Each experience will be specific to the organization and group of children we partner with on the enrichment program. The goal is to inspire children through the lens of athletic competition and provide them with a well-rounded perspective on the sports economy surrounding the athletic competition and various career opportunities.

Phase 03: Enhance

ZeroZero will create a national network of collaboration between firms who work in the greater sports space off the field, such as media, law, engineering, architecture, marketing and medicine, with interested students to gain career insight, resources and experience. The ultimate vision is to ensure our students have the right tools to enhance their career prospects, network and form relationships with potential employers to secure a sports-minded internship.

ZeroZero will also develop a sustainable scholarship structure for the students who have graduated through our program and have expressed an interest in furthering their education to reach their career goals.

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Your donation supports the ZeroZero scholarship structure creating access to the enrichment and educational opportunities of sports including camps, clinics, events and professional development.