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Mission: To leverage sports as a vehicle to diversify a child's career potential and enrich their lives.

Vision: Cultivating generational impact one child at a time.

ZeroZero Foundation invests in three key areas the sports industry lacks:




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Sports are the primary vehicle through which ZeroZero provides early intervention to at-risk youth. Sports is a unifying platform, something that is universally relatable and is the backdrop for many life lessons. However, it's undeniable that a gap is forming in organized sports.The ZeroZero Foundation has identified  three key areas of improvement within the sport industry:


The ZeroZero Foundation uses sport as a vehicle to provide early intervention to at-risk youth. We believe that a child’s potential extends beyond their physical ability and with exposure to a great variety of opportunities each child can succeed in a career that fulfills them.The vision of ZeroZero takes place across three phases: Entry, Enrich & Enhancement.

Phase one

Phase 01: Rally the Champs

ZeroZero Foundation's mission in Phase One is to foster a child's interest in sports by igniting a passion for the field. This is achieved by identifying a child’s passions, aptitudes and talents while exposing them to a wide range of sports and potential career paths.

One of the most important elements of Phase One is building relationships. The ZeroZero team works to build the trust of the child and their immediate family, laying the foundation for years of growth and development.

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Phase two

Phase 02: Unite the Champs

While having a passion for something is important, there are other areas in a child’s life that play into their future success, both on and off the field. In Phase Two, our goal is to continue building on our kids’ love for sports while also nurturing their academic, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

In this phase, each child will enter into ZeroZero-partnered programs such as trauma therapy, continued athletic training, ACT preparation and after school tutoring options.

Phase three

Phase 03: Prepare the Champs

The final phase within ZeroZero programming is designed to prepare students for the journey ahead. Students will have the opportunity to gain exposure within their desired career path and prepare for high school graduation and the path afterwards, whether that’s immediately going into the workforce or obtaining a college education. ZeroZero’s goal is to connect students with an organization that will best suit their talents and desired profession. This includes but is not limited to careers in the sports industry.

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Your contribution supports the ZeroZero Foundation’s scholarship structure which allows children and their families to be able to access the physical, mental and emotional benefits of our programming at no cost to them.