April 26, 2024

Kalil's Korner - April

What’s up everyone!

I hope this Spring weather has been kind to everyone, cause man has it been kicking my butt! Allergies all over the place.

That hasn’t stopped the ZeroZero train at all as we have continued the momentum from the beginning of the year with some big experiences passed and planned for the future. So let’s jump right in!

February was the last time I updated you all so let’s pick up from there. Starting in March we kicked the month off with a Curated Experience with UAB Men’s Basketball! What an awesome opportunity for our kids to witness first hand what it takes to run a Division 1 basketball program from a business perspective. We were able to take a tour of Bartow Arena, and listen to some of the rich history that it obtains, while meeting wonderful individuals willing to share their interesting paths to their levels of success. After downloading all that information, we hit the concessions and got ready to watch the Blazer’s take on the SMU Mustangs in a thrilling 74-70 victory that went down to the wire!

Next, we took the excitement our kids gathered from watching the game and let them put that energy on the court themselves! We got together with our good friends over at A4ONE to put together a super fun basketball clinic so that our youth can continue growing their love for the game and improve their skills at the same time. Huge thanks to A4ONE for not only letting us use their facilities but taking the time to teach our scholars some important fundamentals of basketball.

A few weeks ago we hosted our first PAT Check-in of 2024, and when I say it was magical… man I couldn’t ask for anything more. During the event, we celebrated our second ever Phase One graduating class and hosted a ceremony to recognize their efforts and officially pass them on to the next phase of ZeroZero. Huge congratulations to Uri Bell, Kameron Porter, and Christian Moore. These three Scholars have continued to shine and flourish in School, Sports, and their Individuality. I couldn’t be more proud of them and excited to continue to witness their growth. 

Last but not least, this past weekend we hosted our second ever Track and Field Rally Clinic. We had an awesome time learning more about the sport and using professionally crafted training to improve our skills in sprinting, relay racing, hurdling, and more! We couldn’t have done it without the help of our good friends from USATF and Coach Jeff Jackson. The way he shows passion not only for Track and Field but for the youth he works with is nothing short of inspirational. I am so glad we have resources like him and USATF to continue to broaden our scholars' horizons as it relates to the opportunities available to them, they just have to want it and work for it!

Well, that is all I have for now! Stay tuned on our Instagram @zerozero_fdn to remain updated on all that we do.

Until next time!

  • Kalil

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