January 17, 2024

Emondre's Memo - January

It has been a remarkable year in Phase Two. Witnessing the growth of each of our students from their graduation into Phase Two until the present has been a deeply meaningful experience. Their commitment to fulfilling the necessary tutoring and counseling requirements, thus becoming eligible to participate in our inaugural overnight curated experience in Memphis, Tennessee, has been truly commendable.

The students and their parents had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion featuring five members of the Memphis Grizzlies organization, who shared insights into their professional journeys in the sports industry and discussed the pivotal moments that led to their current career positions. Subsequently, a guided tour of the facility provided a comprehensive overview of the arena's history and evolution. The experience culminated with an exhilarating match between the Memphis Grizzlies and the reigning champions from the previous season, the Denver Nuggets.

The upcoming semester of Phase Two programming is anticipated to be marked by a spirit of enthusiasm and achievement. While it will present a degree of challenge, it is designed to encourage heightened accountability among the students as they work towards the attainment of the next curated experience goal. There is a strong confidence in their ability to successfully meet this challenge.

Let's go to Phase Two!!

Until Next Time,

Emondre’s Memos

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