March 21, 2023

Kalil's Korner - March

What’s up everyone!

I hope the first two and half months of 2023 have been treating you all well! This year has already been a big one for the foundation and we’re working hard to keep the momentum going. 

A little recap of the last couple of months. Back in January we partnered with the Birmingham Squadron to host our third ZeroZero Experience. Our families received an exclusive Q&A with Squadron personnel. They were able to witness first hand what each professional’s day-to-day looks like, how each person made it to that position and how important their roles are to making sure that the Birmingham Squadron, as an organization, is successful. After the session, we were able to see every aspect of the organization in action as we watched the Squadron take on the Stockton Kings and pull out a tough W in crunch time. A huge shout out to everyone at the Birmingham Squadron for putting together such an incredible experience for our families.

A few weeks ago, we hosted another one of our PAT Check-In’s, as well as our first ever Phase One Graduation! That’s right! The inaugural group of Phase One participants have officially moved up the ZeroZero ladder. The “Super Six” as we call them have outgrown the programs associated with Phase One, and will now move towards programming more suitable to prepare them to pursue success in academics, athletics and life going forward. We took time to recognize them in front of all of our families so they realized how much they are loved and appreciated. As well as show the younger ones that as long as they continue to invest their time and effort into the foundation, we will return that investment tenfold! A huge thanks to all of our volunteers who took the time to help us complete this session, we could not have done it without you all!

Coming up next this month we have our basketball clinic on Saturday, the 25th at John Carroll High School, led by Coach Ron Steele! Also, for the first time in ZeroZero history we will be introducing track to our Rally Sport lineup in April. More information to come as soon as possible!

Until next time!


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